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AT Medics, AT Learning and AT Tech are transforming the NHS through our provision of
primary care services, national training and development programmes and health tech.
Find out more about each of our operations.

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Largest provider of core Primary Care services to the NHS in England. We are a GP-led organisation, with quality improvement, training and health technology innovation at the heart of what we do.

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Our dedicated training organisation, enabling the development, delivery and scaling of training programmes that have been developed by GPs for all grades of General Practice staff.

AT Learning is an NHS England partner in delivering national training programmes and has delivered to 100s of NHS GP surgeries with a combined patient population of 3.5 million, in addition to our London Deanery accredited Post and Undergraduate medical training to 100s of Doctors annually.

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Our dedicated health-tech organisation, developing and delivering proprietary analytics, business intelligence and applications to enable deep insight to population health, health economics, medicines optimization, as well as local and national key performance indicators.

Our solutions have been adopted by over 800 NHS GP surgeries across the UK. Our dedicated development and customer support teams enable us to provide rapid and agile response to demands.